Technology & Manufacture

Applied R&D

The main directions of our activity are as follows: crystal-growing technology; development of specific scintillation detectors; improvement of the materials’ performance. We have up-to-date equipment which allows us to study the absorption, luminescence, scintillation and structure parameters, etc.

Crystal growth

Single crystal growing is the core of scintillator production and the main feature of our activity. Various available growth techniques make it possible to optimize crystal structure and parameters. New automatic units have been developed and are currently employed for alkali-halide growth from the melt.


A forging technique is used to obtain crystal blanks having a cross section greater than that of the ingot. The machining of blanks is conducted according to the type of material. The available tools can be used for processing crystals and plastic with a high degree of accuracy.

Design & Simulation

Our specialists will do their best to provide designs meeting the customers’ requirements. This goal must be attained by the appropriate: selection of the scintillation materials, estimation of the maximum light collection, selection of PMT and other electronic components, development of special test models.

Testing & Certification

Quality of detectors is ensured by a set of quality control procedures covering all stages of the development. The following tests may be conducted to meet various operation conditions of scintillators: vibration, multishock, single shock and linear acceleration, temperature, humidity, sunshine test and other.

Packaging & Transportation

Our products are packed with modern materials and equipments with great care to ensure their safety while transporting and storing. The packaging contains all necessary information and label elements for the international transportation. The transportation of the products can be carried out by all means of transport to any distance.