Pixelated Detectors & Arrays

Pixelated detectors and arrays have a better spatial resolution due to the decreased light spread. Pixelated detectors and arrays are mainly used for x-ray radiation visualization. They can be used with position sensitive photomultiplier tubes (PSPMT) or silicone photomultipliers (SiMP) for small-size detectors for diagnostics of separate body organs and PET, in the non-destructive testing (NDT), in security systems, in astrophysics and fundamental research.

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  • high detection efficiency
  • excellent spatial resolution in a wide energy range of x-ray radiation
  • production of any dimensions and design;
  • reflecting material with the highest characteristics
  • photosensitive devices (SiPM or PSPMT) are individually selected and tested for each scintillator
  • perfect scintillation parameters of products
  • products reliability is confirmed by the warranty
Nuclear medicine – SPECT, x-ray CT and PET, bone mineral densimetry
Security systems – active portal monitors, x-ray scanning systems
Cylindrical form: up to 120 mm in diameter
Square form: up to 120x120 mm
Minimal pixel size 1x1 mm