Zinc Selenide doped with Tellurium ZnSe(Te)

Zinc Selenide activated with tellurium (ZnSe(Te)) is a scintillator with emission peak at 640 nm, suitable for matching with photodiodes. It is used in x-ray and gamma ray detectors. ZnSe(Te) scintillators are significantly different from the ZnS ones. ZnSe(Te) scintillators have an advantage over other materials during the registration of low-energy X-rays and gamma rays. Developed two versions scintillator ZnSe(Te), having significant differences in the kinetics of luminescence, temperature stability and maximum luminescence bands. This allows to choose the most suitable material for the particular application in the multi-energy X-ray scanners and imagers. The most perspective practical application in the multi-energy X-ray scanners have a composite scintillators based on ZnSe (Te).


They have a high uniformity of scintillation signal by the area, they do not require of the channels separation each other and they have lower price in comparison with traditional pixelated scintillators.

Composite scintillator ZnSe(Te)
Flexible composite scintillators based on zinc selenide doped with tellurium are the development of the Institute for Scintillation Materials. These scintillators are superior to the similar products in the parameters of the light output dispersion, the afterglow level and the sensitivity to X-ray quanta in the energy range of 20-70 keV. The silicone basis of the scintillator and the scintillation zinc selenide powder have a high radiation resistance, resistance to weathering, vibration and mechanical stress. Flexible composite scintillators based on zinc selenide are used in two-energy X-ray scanners, computer tomography, detectors of soft gamma, alpha and beta radiations.

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Nuclear medicine – computer tomography
Security control – active portal monitors, x-ray scanning systems
Surface area up to 25 cm2 for single crystal and 400 cm2 and more for composite scintillator