Rare-earth Orthosilicates (LGSO:Ce, YSO:Ce)

Ce-doped rare-earth orthosilicate of lutetium and gadolinium, chemical formula Lu2xGd2-2xSiO5:Ce (LGSO:Ce), is a dense, fast scintillation material. It belongs to the family of rare earth silicates, which are known scintillators used in medical equipment, high energy physics, well-logging, x-ray radiography. The energy resolution (6.7–7%) is by 2-4 % better compared to the LSO:Ce and LYSO:Ce analogs. Afterglow in LGSO:Ce is by 2 orders of magnitude lower in comparison with lutetium orthosilicate (LSO:Ce).
Y2SiO5:Ce (YSO:Ce) is a bright and fast light scintillator with the emission peaked at 420 nm. The main component of scintillation decay is 45 ns, the contribution of slower component (>100 ns) not exceeds 5 %. Mechanical processing of YSO:Ce and LGSO:Ce scintillators is easier compared to other silicates.

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  • high density
  • good energy resolution
  • low afterglow
  • fast decay time
  • good matching for PMT readout
Nuclear medicine – PET matrixes, x-ray imaging systems
Security control – x-ray scanning systems
HEP and Astrophysics – high energy gamma and particle detection
Cylindrical form: up to 45 in diameter
Rectangular form: up to 120 mm long for LGSO and up to 200 mm long for YSO