About us

Amcrys is one of the world industry leaders in the production of high quality scintillators and detectors.
For many years we have been one of the largest centers in the field of:

  • fundamental research in the materials science leading to the development of luminescence receivers and transducers;
  • search of new scintillation materials, improvement of scintillation materials performance;
  • exploratory development of scintillation detectors for various applications;
  • production of organic and inorganic scintillators.

We have gained experience in developing and manufacturing scintillators designed for high-energy physics, nuclear physics, medicine, environmental monitoring, geophysics, security systems and defectoscopy.
We adhere to the basic principle of meeting our customers' demands.
We aim at maintaining fundamental research and we are always open to collaborate in the area of scientific search.
We can provide both standard and customized detectors. We can modify detector design and dimensions for specific applications. Customized detectors and assemblies are manufactured according to the customer's requirements.
We invest in the production expansion and improvement.

We are willing to carry on a dialogue and seek to give the clients not only what they want, but also what they need.