Sodium doped Cesium Iodide CsI(Na)

Sodium doped cesium iodide is a good alternative for NaI(Tl) in many standard applications because it has a high light output (85% with respect to NaI(Tl)), the emission in a blue spectral region coinciding with the maximum sensitivity of the most popular PMT with bialkali photocathodes, and hygroscopicity substantially lower than that of NaI(Tl). CsI(Na) crystals, due to their high mechanical strength and thermal stability, are used in the geophysical and cosmic space equipment.
CsI(Na) crystals are used in the experimental high-energy physics as scintillation elements of electromagnetic calorimeters.

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  • high light output
  • high mechanical hardness and temperature stability
  • good matching for standard bialkali PMT
Geophysics – well-logging
Industrial – health physics, neutron activation analysis, non-destructive testing (defectoscopy)
HEP and Astrophysics – electromagnetic calorimeter
Cylindrical form: up to 400 mm in diameter
Rectangular form: up to 500 mm long