Medical Imaging Detectors

Amcrys is one of the world leaders in production of medical imaging detectors for nuclear medicine. Medical imaging detectors based on NaI(Tl) polycrystals are produced of high-grade crystals, optical and mechanical components and provide perfect image in the energy range from 60 to 360 keV.
Along with small gamma-cameras for inspection of brain, breast, small animals, etc., we produce large medical imaging detectors, intended for the inspection of human body as a whole, with round or rectangular plates of diameter (diagonal) up to 500 mm.

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  • production of large detectors (~9-10 mm thick) for the whole body diagnostics, as well as small detectors (~6-7 mm thick) for diagnostics of separate body organs with low energy
  • protective glass with advanced properties of optical transmission
  • reflecting material with the highest characteristics
  • white epoxy based reflector or white reflecting plastic housing are available for pixelated arrays
  • resistance to mechanical, climatic and temperature loads
  • perfect energy resolution and light output allow obtaining qualitative uniform image
  • products reliability is confirmed by the warranty
Nuclear medicine – SPECT, PET
Plates (only for the NaI(Tl) polycrystals): 593 mm long x 470 mm wide
Cylindrical: up to 500 mm in diameter