Composite scintillators

Composite scintillator consists of optical transparent media with dispersed granules of scintillator. Composite scintillators possess kinetic and luminescent properties of single crystals. The scintillators effectively detect gamma, beta and X-ray radiation, neutron. Composite scintillators allow manufacturing of large area detectors. This scintillator has high positional sensitivity. Composite scintillators can be used for neutron detection, in the X-ray imaging and high energy physics.
All materials are commercially available (halide crystals, oxide crystals, AIIBVI):
• scintillation crystal granules
• scintillation ceramic (raw materials obtained by chemical synthesis, without crystal growth stage)

Composite scintillators
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  • flexible scintillators
  • various shapes and large area
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  • radiation hardness
  • high uniformity
Nuclear medicine – x-ray imaging systems
HEP and Astrophysics – neutron detection
Surface area 400 cm2 and more