Standard Detectors

Standard detectors, usually based on alkali halide scintillators, are used for registration and gamma radiation spectrometry in the photons energy range from 50 keV under the influence of a radioactive source as well as for kitting of measurement devices for ionizing radiation of general purpose. Standard detector consists of a scintillation crystal hermetically packed in to aluminum, stainless steel or titanium container with UV transmitting protective glass. Special low-mass entrance windows are also available. Scintillation crystal is wrapped with reflecting material for maximum light collection. If the customer has a unique application, we can provide custom-made or special designs to ensure the optimal performance.


Well-type design

Side-well and end-well detector configurations are available. This construction allows placing radioactive preparation into the centre of the detector's sensitive volume and carrying out measurements in approximating 4p geometry.
Well-type detectors are used in medicine, biological research, environmental monitoring, etc.


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  • production of any dimensions and design
  • aluminum, stainless steel or titanium containers
  • quartz or borosilicate protective glass
  • reflecting material with the highest characteristics
  • resistance to mechanical, climatic and temperature loads
  • perfect scintillation parameters of products
  • ruggedized and low-background, x-ray and well-type versions are available
  • products reliability is confirmed by the warranty
Nuclear medicine
Environmental monitoring
Security control
HEP and Astrophysics
Cylindrical form: up to 300 mm in diameter
Rectangular form: up to 500 mm long